Every Body Needs A Wingman

Every Body Needs A Wingman

In February, we were all set to launch Wingman Smart Energy – our brand-new beverage line that offers an entirely new approach to delivering energy. Our first production run took place ready for us to launch into the country’s largest gym distributor.  Days later every gym in America closed down for the foreseeable future. 

Like never before, everyone - including us - needs a Wingman; that person who has our back no matter what.   Adventures might be on hold for a little while and the gym is off limits but staying healthy has never been more important.  Interestingly, this seemingly bad luck might actually end up being the blessing in disguise that many Americans need right now.

So how can we be your Wingman?  

The entirely new approach to delivering energy we mentioned earlier is the activation of nitric oxide production.  Nitric oxide helps improve blood flow, which in turn increases oxygenation of the blood.  Clinical trials are underway at the University of Alabama using inhaled nitric oxide to improve oxygen absorption.  (Read more about their research here).  The unique combination of amino acids used in all Wingman beverages stimulates your body’s own mechanisms to produce nitric oxide naturally. 

Other benefits include increased stamina and helping you to feel healthier and stronger. Nitric oxide also helps remove the toxins and buildup of waste that lead to fatigue. Wingman’s B vitamins, Cognizin and ribose all deliver energy for heart, body and mind.

Wingman Smart Energy is now available on amazon and at moonlightbeverage.com.  Choose from five unique flavors to keep your body at its peak, with just 15 calories per can.

 Want more info?  Email carl@moonlightbeverage.com.

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