Our company philosophy

The Moonlight Beverage Company® has created the next generation of energy drinks to help our customers enjoy life to the fullest. Our intention is that our drinks will lead to better health and an improved quality of life. We want the world to know about the importance of Nitric Oxide for improved cardiovascular health and exercise capacity. Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to crush whatever goals they set for themselves.

As scientists

We believe in the science of Nitric Oxide – coined the “Miracle Molecule” by Nobel Prize-winning chemists and pharmacologists Dr. Robert F. Furchgott, Dr. Louis Ignarro and Dr. Ferid Murad. We believe it to be one of the most important molecules in the human body.

As teachers

We believe everyone should have access to information so they can learn how important the Nitric Oxide molecule is for a healthy body.

As innovators

Our beverages are the next generation of functional drinks. Energy is delivered through unique, clever and natural ingredients that work together to provide optimal results for our customers.

As fun seekers

We believe everyone should have fun in life, and that having a healthy body makes everything just a little bit easier.

Mission Statement

To provide the world with food products that lead to better health and improve quality of life.

Vision Statement

Help people worldwide understand the importance of Nitric Oxide and how this naturally-occurring molecule can improve their cardiovascular health and quality of life.

Company Values

Respect • Unity • Peace • Love • Health

Meet our founders

Kristin and Carl Schroeder


At Moonlight Beverage our mission is to provide the world with products that lead to better health and an improved quality of life. We want EVERYONE to know why Nitric Oxide is essential for peak body function. Optimal cardiovascular health = increased energy = the motivation to chase your dreams!


Kristin and Carl Schroeder have both had successful careers using their science and engineering talents for large corporations. Their shared passion for helping other people to live healthy led them to focus on the relatively unknown benefits of Nitric Oxide. Researching a way to help people easily incorporate the ingredients that activate Nitric Oxide production took several years. The result is the Moonlight Beverage Collection.


This beautiful world of ours is the only home we have. As such, we are committed to helping heal it through the organization 1% for the planet. Every Moonlight Beverage you purchase will contribute to their extraordinary conservation work globally. Read more here

Meet our advisory board

We are thankful for the collective wisdom offered by our advisory board, comprised of people with decades of experience in delivering high quality experiences to their customers.  

Mike Pickett - President Flavor Insights

Carl Schroeder - Co-founder, Moonlight Beverage Company

Kristin Schroeder - CEO and Co-founder, Moonlight Beverage Company

Don Kremin - Formerly Group Vice President, Specialty Foods & Officer, Hormel Foods

Alan Murray - CEO NextFoods Inc, formerly President TetraPak North America

Cherie Jackson - Marketing Specialist, Moonlight Beverage Company and CEO, Frooze Balls

Katrin Schroeder - Creative Director, Moonlight Beverage Company

Heather Collins - Communications and Marketing Director, Moonlight Beverage Company

Marie Schroeder - Marketing Specialist, Moonlight Beverage Company

Dr. Richard E. Collins - MD, Science Advisor, Moonlight Beverage Company


Sales and Distribution Partners

Our History

The Moonlight Beverage Company can trace its lineage to the Schroeder Milk Company, an early adapter of innovative technologies, including pasteurization in 1929 and aseptic processing in 2002.

The Schroeders founded Moonlight Beverage Company with the same entrepreneurial spirit, to develop great-tasting products based on quality, collaboration, innovation and authenticity.

Carl and Kristin began their product development journey by researching beverage trends, opportunities and scientific advancements to identify ingredients that could genuinely help people. This led to his focus on a trio of amino acids -- Arginine, Citrulline and Taurine, --that promote nitric oxide production in the human body. After filing a patent on a unique blend of these amino acids, they turned their attention to the challenging task of developing a great-tasting beverage, incorporating these not-so-tasty raw ingredients. Many nights were spent mixing formulas in their own kitchen, testing flavors and ingredients for compatibility with the amino acids. After developing three flavor profiles, a specialty firm was contracted to develop product formulas—a tricky task that required over 18 months of expertise to get every detail just right.

Once Carl and Kristin had product formulas ready to go, they recruited a fabulous collaborative team to develop and launch two beverage brands: Love Life and Wingman Smart Energy. Every team member has a passion for life, our brands and our products.