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  • The scientists who discovered how Nitric Oxide works in the body won a Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. We’re pretty sure it was because this science paved the way to the creation of Viagra and Cialis. (perhaps it should have been the Nobel Peace Prize. You know... “make love, not war”!!)

    The geniuses at Moonlight Beverage Company have used natural ingredients to help your body boost its own Nitric Oxide levels. That means that Love Life helps to pump blood to ALL the right places for both men AND women!

    Enjoy this lightly carbonated beverage as a mixer or refreshing beverage on its own. However you do it, we are sure you will enjoy the results! 


Increased Blood Flow = More Oxygen = More pleasure

Three amino acids (arginine, citrulline and taurine) promote nitric oxide production, which leads to increased blood flow and improved cardiovascular function.

What our customers are saying

I've suffered from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) for some time. Men have the little blue pill (viagra), but now I finally have a nitric oxide female libido booster beverage! It's sooo much better than the alternative pill forms for women because I can use it to make my favorite cocktail…vodka and Love Life. I'm convinced it's an aphrodisiac, it enhanced the climax greatly.

Sadie, Amazon Customer

We finally found a natural libido enhancer that significantly increases our sex drive when the time is right. I've suffered from sexual dysfunction but hate the unhealthy alternatives. My partner and I loved the taste and the flushed feeling after our intimate moments. I'm so grateful for Love Life Sparkling Romance. This could be the end to my low sex drive.

Joe, Amazon Customer

I did not know about nitric oxide and its magical effects on libido until I tried Love Life. Besides, women do not have the option that men do--to take a blue pill to enhance their sexual performance and experience. Love Life likely helps men also, perhaps better than the drug, with no side effects. (Although I am female, so I cannot speak from experience). Enjoy Love Life, especially if you are a woman (or a man) of a certain age. It's terrific.

Nancy, Amazon Customer

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Drink Love Life to enhance any special occasion. Enjoy it on its own or as a mixer for cocktails.

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Get your heart pumping to ALL the right places by boosting your body’s own Nitric Oxide production!

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