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Need extra energy for life’s adventures? We’ve got you! The Moonlight Beverage collection has your back - and even your heart, body and mind.

Get the most out of your workout

Enjoy refreshing, natural flavors to keep all your workouts interesting. Wingman Smart Energy™ is low glycemic, vegan, gluten free and non GMO. Reactivate the Nitric Oxide levels of your youth with our proprietary blend of free form amino acids.

Easy to Drink, Easy to Love.

Optimized Nitric Oxide levels ensure your heart is pumping to ALL the right places! When you have a big night planned, drink Love Life.

Our total focus.


Optimize oxygen delivery right throughout your entire body.


Increase exercise capacity to maximize your workouts.


Boost creativity, memory and motivation.

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Wingman has your back with energy to outlast the adventure. Drink daily for maximum performance.

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Love Life

Get your heart pumping to ALL the right places by boosting your body’s own Nitric Oxide production!

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Heart. Body. Mind.

When Nitric Oxide levels are optimized, your entire body benefits.

Learn the Science

Annie Donley, professional cyclist and Pilates instructor chooses Wingman Smart Energy to fuel her body’s Nitric Oxide production.

Start every day with Wingman Smart Energy. 

Big night out? Love Life is the perfect mixer for cocktails and mocktails. Follow the link for mixology inspiration.

What our customers are saying

Needed a boost after a few days of travel without the caffeine jitters. Tried Wingman based on a friends recommendation, ordering more for my next trip to Denver. Way better traveling with Wingman than mixing amino powders.

Greg, Amazon Customer

I've been using this product for long runs. I find that when I use it my muscles don't fatigue as quickly as they normally do. Keep in mind I'm not a nutritionist and it's possible that it's the placebo effect, but there seems to be something to this product.

Nancy, Amazon Customer

I have tried a wide variety of fitness/supplement drinks and this one is my favorite. It makes the last bit of difference when traveling to a higher altitude location or on your hard workout days.

PS. I have also made vodka drinks with it and they have turned out great.

Joe, Amazon Customer